Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Janus knows how to party...

After many false starts and scheduling faux pas, at last the blogging has begun! Welcome!

My goal is to give you guys the skinny on my books and projects in other media about once a week, so check in often for the insanity of my little corner of the interwebnetverse. First up...

"Why 'Joe Kelly VS. the Universe', man? That's so hostile?!"

Nah, it's not "versus" like "the unbearable weight of life is crushing me with every breath..." On the contrary, I'm looking at 2009 as the ultimate mash-up. This is "vs." like when two DJs rock on each other's music - Moby vs. Dangerdoom - less contest and more context.  An integration of two separate entities into something new, and hopefully beautiful...

Though really, we're never truly separate from the universe, are we? So in this case, Joe Kelly vs. the Universe is a reawakening to my place in things - a reconnection to the source so to speak. Hopefully, you can see it in my work - I know I do. I Kill Giants, Four Eyes, and Bad Dog are very different projects, but each one is a return to material I set aside while chasing other stars for the last few years. These projects, and the others that'll hit this year, are all close to my heart, not to mention more than a few raw exposed nerves, so they're uglier, funnier, nastier, and more beautiful for it...at least to me. 

You'll let me know what you think, I have no doubt. ; )

Speaking of said books, looking ahead into your crystal ball, be sure to focus in on:

I Kill Giants #7 - Barbara's journey comes to an end in the double sized finale.  Look for it around January 7th...

Four Eyes #2 - Things heat up when Enrico witnesses his first Dragon battle and makes a decision to follow in his father's foosteps... and I hear those of you who have been waiting over three months since issue #1 going, "Really? Is it REALLY coming out?" Here's the scoop - Max and I knew from the start that we wanted to take our time on Four eyes and really do it right.  That means more than 4 weeks for Max to draw an issue, plain and simple. However, we thought we'd built in enough lead time to get the first four issues out monthly. Guess what? We were wrong. The summer cons, vacations, business trips, etc. all conspired against us, so we're a little behind. But do not fear! 2 is finished and on its way to the printer, and #3 is being drawn now...and they kick ass. 

Once we make it through #4, the rest of the books will be solicited on a more reliable schedule, probably bi-monthly, but certainly with the intention of hitting all our dates...no doubt, you'll let me know when we don't! ; )

Bad Dog #1 - What can I say...they're saving me a nice toasty spot in hell for this book. I hope you love it.  It hits the third week in February.

Heading into 2009, I just want to thank everyone who takes the time and plunks down the dollars to read my work.  I sincerely appreciate your support and patronage, and hope that you're enjoying your slices of my life in their 22 page chunks.

Stay Happy, Healthy, and Safe this New Years Eve. As my dad used to say, "New Years is for amateurs." so keep your wits about you and have a blast.


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