Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Resolutions, Revelations, and the Rapture…

Okay, that sounds considerably more pretentious than I meant it. I officially “eew” myself with the first blog of a new decade…but that said, it IS the first blog of a new decade, an while I’ve said it before on many a morning “this time it’ll be different!”

Segue to “Resolutions.”

This year those of you who have been patiently waiting WILL see chapter 4 of Four Eyes, Issue 4 of Bad Dog, and after that, even more of both! Watch the solicits for the upcoming Four Eyes TPB which will be followed by the next “chapter” in Enrico’s saga. Bad Dog will also move to a more consistent schedule, the exact details TBA, but I can promise you this – in 2010, it is my goal to ONLY solicit work that is guaranteed to come out when we say it will. Apologies to those of you who have been led down the primrose path of my pickled prose…but last year was a steep learning curve, and we learned our lessons well.

Also, blogging…whether or not I’m just yelling into the ether of the ‘net, I will be making a marked attempt to blog more and keep ya’ll up to date on what’s happening…which should be a lot…

On to “Revelations.”

Always the shortest segment of any missive, because who wants to reveal too much? But this year, you can expect to see a Horror anthology project from me featuring some extremely talented (and possibly disturbed) artists, a new creator owned action-adventure project, and *fingers crossed* my next project with JM Ken Niimura. (Yeah, the I Kill Giants guy, for those of you keeping track of one of the most lauded books of the year…just sayin’.) As promised in the proceeding paragraph, you’ll catch sneaks about these projects here, but they won’t appear in Previews’ til they’re fully baked and ready to serve.

Speaking of, a few fans have asked about the hold up on the IKG Hard Cover (linked above) - it IS coming, just a little late due to some production hold ups on our end. My apologies, but I think when you finally see it it'll be worth the wait. A gorgeous looking book!

On the MOA front, keep your eyes peeled to the Cartoon Network as any day now you should start seeing promos for our new show, Generator Rex. We’ve been busting our collective butts on this one, guys and gals, and I think it’s going to show on the screen. (You might also correctly surmise that this is part of the reason some of my books is so late!)

Lastly, count on at least one Hollywood related announcement that I am very stoked to share…how’s that for a cliffhanger?

And finally…the Rapture.

It’s here. Didn’t anyone tell you? The Apocalypse has come, proudly brought to you by THQ and Vigil Games in Darksiders: Wrath of War, the unstoppably bad-assed video game releasing today. The story, if I may say so, is insane and awe inspiring…and I may say so because I wrote the script with a sword dipped in the blood of my enemies! (Or in Final Draft, I forget) Joe Madureira brought me on way back in the day to help develop the story and write the script, and I had a blast working with the guys at Vigil. This game is going to rock your world, and I’m proud to have been a part of it – so if you’ve got the cash to plunk down and the inclination to see what happens when the Apocalypse really REALLY does come to Earth, pick up Darksiders!

More mayhem to come in MMX!



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