Thursday, May 21, 2009

Worth the wait...I promise!

Hey Gang,

So guess what? While you were going about your daily lives not worrying about comics at all, we finished issue #3 of Four Eyes - and it's on the stands now!  While I probably do an inordinate amount of apologizing on this blog, I am truly sorry that it's taken us this long between issues.  Max and I are having a blast with Four Eyes and the book is near and dear to both of us. But we're busy with a ton of projects, so it be what it be.  Going forward, though, here's the skinny:

Issue #4 - on sale in a few months, probably after comic-con.  Then a trade, and then we're going to get the next arc in the can before soliciting, which means we won't be in Previews for a while, but we will be posting images here of the work as Max completes it!  Like this image, for example:


As to Bad Dog #3, being drawn right now, and should be in your hands before Comic-Con, I think!  You can check out more in this article on everyone's favorite book about werewolf bounty hunters and vertically challenged potty mouths: HERE ON IGN. Yeah, I gots interviewed!

There's a lot more happening that I can't discuss yet - a DVD project that's pretty cool, plenty o' animation, etc. but check back for dribbles of news as I can share them.

Back to work!


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P.J. Magalhães said...

Hey, great to find your blog! Is there a reason why the images look like links but don't really go anywhere? i was hoping to see them slightly larger.

Thanks for the stories!

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