Thursday, January 15, 2009


Hey, look at that! Another post! Shocking...just shocking...

I'm writing to you today from palatial Casa De Seagle in Los Angeles. Why the Left Coast migration..? Work, baby. Animated work. NEW Animated work that we cannot yet discuss, but will thrill fans of the moving image and obscure little comics alike when we can spill the beans. In all seriousness, I only come out here for three things - conventions, vacations, and kick-assery of the highest order. This is the latter.

In other news, IKG #7 shipped this week, and Barbara's journey reached it's (hopefully heart wrenching) conclusion. I just wanted to thank Ken again for all of his hard work - the man is an übergenius, and I can't wait to work with him again.  Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to drop their letters of support for our little book over these last 7 months. Knowing that Barbara's story touched you means the world to me.

For anyone who missed I Kill Giants, we will be putting out a trade soon. It's unclear at this time whether we're going HC or TPB. but soon as I know you'll know.

Next, in case you haven't heard, Man of Action Month is coming! February will see the birth of MOA projects from all of the boys, including BAD DOG by me, Steven T Seagle's Soul Kiss, and The Great Unknown by Duncan Rouleau along with the new and improved collection of Joe Casey's Codeflesh.  I can say with complete honesty and a s#!t eating grin on my face that Bad Dog is rude, crude, lewd, and fun as hell if said "udes" do not offend your sensibilities.

Lastly, be on the lookout for my crime mini Bang!Tango, coming out soon from Vertigo. It's my first Vertigo project, and I'm very psyched about it. No doubt, this book will turn some heads and furrow brows as well thanks to salacious subject matter, but I hope that mature readers who like a little sex with their violence will give it a chance.  More on that soon.

Time for me to get back to work! More soon, stay saucy!



Roberto said...

I've already read "I kill giants". It was very touching and I can't help to stop tears dropping at the end of the story. Thanks Joe., Gracias Ken.

kyven said...

Looking forward to your Vertigo series. But I am a little disappointed that you're not writing this year's Superman/Batman Annual.

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