Friday, January 30, 2009

Too many initials! IKG Penciller JM Niimura at NYCC!

Hey Peoples!

As Man of Action Comics month steams ever closer like a tsunami of four-color excellence, I'm psyched to report that one of my collaborators will be joining us for the New York festivities! J.M. Ken Niimura, the devastatingly talented artist of I Kill Giants is jetting over from Spain to hang out and meet fans at this year's New York Comic-Con!  So come down to our table - we're in the VIP section against the back wall of artist's alley around the corner from Robert Culp - and meet the team who brought you the book that Aint it Cool News calls:
"...a great mini full of eccentricity and humanity that I not only highly recommend, but hope to see get some well deserved attention come Eisner time."

(Incidentally, the IKG trade will be available in May for those of you who may have missed the first go around. There's also a rumor of a mega-badass edition coming out later this year...more on that later this year!)

See you in New York!


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Marv said...

Hi, Joe ! I bought I Kill Giants in France. The first issues were translated and published by Soleil Productions. I loved the story and the character of Barbara ! I also enjoyed your issues of Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #575-576).
Are you the writer of the next storyline, “American Son", in Amazing Spider-Man #595-599 ? I hope so !

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