Wednesday, February 18, 2009

NYCC Podcasts

Hey Gang,

So as per the usual workings of the cosmos, NY Comic-con led to the dreaded "con crud," the unnamable multi-symptom cocktail of disease that we all get after spending a weekend in a giant bubble with 100,000 other people. Hence, my lag in posting. BUT...

I'm back. Huzzah. Of course, I'm also catching up on work, so this is a short one. ; )

Here's a podcast from our buddies at Comic Related that was recorded on the floor of the con. Ken and I are both interviewed about IKG, and as far as I know it's Ken's first US interview! (We're about 30 Minutes in if you're not the patient type!) Burn it and keep it close to your's podcast history!

Also, here's a podcast from the cool cats at ifanboy about last month's finale of I Kill Giants... we're the Pick of the Week, which I'm assuming is a good thing.

There's more to come, so as always, check this space and thanks for reading!


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