Monday, April 20, 2009

Post Vacation Update

Hey Gang!

Just got back from back to back business and pleasure trips, and I need a vacation from my vacation!  Sorry that the blog has been dim, but my resolution of the day is to make with more blah blah blah and less wah wah wah... whatever that means.

On the plate today are updates! I wanted to clue you in on where your favorite books are, as you may notice that they have not hit the stands yet...

Bad Dog #3 - Diego and I are pushing through the issue, but it's gonna be late, gang, sorry. I'm attaching some pages below so you can see the nasty goodness as a consolation prize. As you know, I love Bad Dog, and so does Diego, but this is a case where our mouths were bigger than our stomachs, and we need more time. Just so you know, once we push through 3 and 4, we're not going to solicit until the book is back on track.  We'd rather go silent for a little while than fail to hit a delivery date.

Four Eyes #3 - Is on its way to the printer!  You should see it in a few weeks!  #4 will follow in a few months, and then it's the same deal - we're not soliciting until we have stuff in the can, though there will be a trade for those of you who like your books thick!
Douglas Fredericks and the House of They - is on track for June!

I Kill Giants TPB - also on track!

And that's about it for now!


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